Yoga & the Vayus

Thursdays @6pm with Diana
Starts May 20th!
$96 for all six classes
(Limited to 10 in-studio)
(Unlimited via Zoom)

Through their exploration of the body and breath, the ancient yogis discovered that Prana, the life-force energy, could be further subdivided into five energetic components they called Vayus (winds). The five Vayus of prana all have very subtle yet distinct energetic qualities, including specific functions and directions of flow. The yogis were able to control and cultivate these Vayus by simply bringing their focus and awareness to them. Through this conscious control and cultivation, they were not only able to create optimal health and well-being but were able to activate the primordial Kundalini energy to obtain states of enlightened Samadhi.
In this class we will explore the Vayus through the practice of yoga asana, learning as we go and exploring each Vayu both intellectually and experientially. 
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