• Please do not attend class if you feel sick. Stay home also if anyone in your home is ill or quarantined.
  • Wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds prior to entering the studio. Hand sanitizer will be available outside the door and throughout the office and studio.
  • Know that all door handles (including outside) and hand rails on the stairs will be disinfected prior to class.
  • Prior to entering the studio, you need to stand in the hallway between the marked 6 foot intervals until you are motioned into the studio by a teacher.
  • Your temperature will be taken by the teacher upon arrival with a touchless infrared thermometer. A fever is any reading at or above 100.4 degrees as per CDC regulations.
  • Please wear your mask entering and leaving the studio. Our entrance consists of tight quarters so keep that mask on right up to when you are on your mat in the studio. While practicing yoga and pranayama on your mat it will be your choice to wear the mask or not. At all other times please keep your mask on including leaving during class to use the bathroom.
  • Please leave all personal items in your locked trunk.
  • Please bring your own mat and all props in to class with you. No props will be borrowed from the studio.
  • Places have been marked on the floor for proper spacing between mats. Please put the front end of your mat along the edge of the marker.
  • Please leave all doors open. Teachers will open and shut doors before and after class. Windows will remain open if possible.
  • Disinfectant wipes and trash receptacles will be placed around the studio for your use.
  • Know that all surfaces will be disinfected before class, including those in the bathrooms, including door handles and flat surfaces as well as light switches.
  • There will be a maximum of 10 students in the studio at a time. Pre-registration is a requirement and will be closed one half hour before class. Payments at the studio are not allowed.
  • ONLY teachers will be responsible for checking you in on the iPad.
  • When class is over, you will depart the studio one at a time complying with the 6 footprotocol.
  • I know you are looking forward to socializing with your friends but please do so out in the parking lot where you can maintain the 6 foot social distancing protocol. We are just not allowed to create small groups clustering inside.
  • Changing rooms are closed temporarily.
  • Students are restricted to NH residents only.

For more information and specifications go to the NH Covid-19 Reopening Guidance for Health and Fitness.