Artist Talk with Anne-Marie Delaunay-Danizio

Anne-Marie will be discussing her current work, the Feenuhks exhibition, on display at Starfire Yoga followed by light refreshments. She would prefer fully vaccinated people only to join in person, and we are limiting it to 15 people at this time ($10 Fee). Zoom is available for those who cannot join us in person and is unlimited as far as attendance ($5 Fee).


I have always felt alien since childhood. I was quiet, daydreaming, disorganized and also prone to angry outbursts. At the mature age of sixty-five, I have recently been diagnosed with ADHD.

It has become clearer to me, that an early childhood trauma is at the origin of my compulsion to turn inwards, and to explore my inner world. When I was a six old child in Paris, in 1962, my parents supported the independence of Algeria. My life and the lives of my mother and two younger siblings were threatened when an extreme right group against Algerian independence bombed our apartment.Painting, the very concreteness of abstraction, its markings, brushstrokes, pouring of vivid liquid hues, and building of layers, became a process of affirmation through which I overcome at each time, the threat to my body and my life to eventually express my inherent joy and lust for life. The transformation and back and forth movement from disquieting feelings and emotions leads to a sense of wonder about the fragility and resilience of life that transcends the human body, and challenges boundaries between genders, human and non-human, body and landscape. With humor, visual puns, evocations of organisms, and of internal and external body parts, I create poetics of biology.Upon obtaining my MFA, my art became more diversified with, in addition to painting, the making of textile sculptures that extend the theme of the body, gender, alienation and survival.

So are my “Covid Dolls” a take on Louise Bourgeois “femme-maison.” These works are ambiguous entities, neither man nor women, animal nor vegetal, carrying within their body, their build-in houses. My more recent work titled “Feenucks” is a mobile sculpture that relates to the myth of the Phoenix, spelled phonetically, which adds a little humorous twist to the myth.

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