Sophie Sanders – Buoyancy & Breath

Join us at Starfire Yoga Studio as we bring in the New Year with our first featured artist, Sophie Sanders. Her show will be available to view in person during studio class time for the entire month of January and during her artist talk, January 9th @2pm. 

Artist and yogini, Sophie Sanders, exhibits new works that investigate interior experiences of the breath, a yearning for connection with others, and a shifting sense of balance in unstable and challenging times. Sanders responded to COVID-19 pandemic stress and the heightened awareness of contingency by creating largescale cloth cyanotypes that use the silhouette of the human form, plants, and symbolic objects in ghostlike, figurative arrangements. In these fiber works, and also recent prints, she expresses subtle experiences of buoyancy and energy and a playful connection with others through the floating gestures of silhouetted forms. In her “beach selfie” prints, Sanders captures her distorted shadows on the sand and water to convey an eternal relationship with landscape and the earth. She subverts the culturally narcissistic infatuation with selfies and also tests her balance as she balances in yoga poses while taking the photo. These works reflect upon the multiplicity of ways that we are intertwined with each other and with the natural world, and the intense concern that protecting these natural resources is essential to our survival. 

Sanders imagery and visual ideas are consistent with and responsive to concepts she has learned from studying Vinyasa yoga, such as the flow of energy through the chakras or energy centers that allow creative and healthy connection within the body and extend to the larger universe. Sanders has been inspired by the visual imagery of mandalas and the idea of “starfire”, an inner spark of vitality that keeps us stable and connects us with divine or higher powers. 

“Starfire is the creative fire within, located at the solar plexus. It is a spark of the divine within, the light that we acknowledge when we say Namaste. It is the fire of life that connects us to the universe and to each other. It is the digestive fire at the stomach that transforms food, thought and experiences into form, memory, and the composition of what makes us who we are.” — Diana Moore, E-RYT500, owner of Starfire Yoga Studio, Hooksett, NH
Sophie Sanders is an artist, art historian, and curator. She holds a BFA in Printmaking from the School of Art at Washington University in St. Louis, MO; an MFA in Printmaking from the Slade School of Art, University College London, England; and a Ph.D. in Art History from Tyler School of Art, Temple University. She has shown her figurative and pattern-based fiber artworks, prints, and paintings nationally in Venice Beach and Oakland, California, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Missouri, New Jersey, and New York City, and internationally in London, Scotland, and Japan.