Hui Yeng Chang

I was born in Malaysia and have been in the U.S. now for over twenty years. I originally studied art in Singapore and earned a diploma from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Art. I continued my study of art at the University of Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne and then graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design with an MFA degree in Design. 

Since graduation, I have been working in the software industry as user experience designer. While my job provides me plenty of ways to be creative, I found the need to escape from the obligation of “work” and reconnect with my passion for art in nature. Every chance I have I want to be outside, to be one with nature, where I find peace and rejuvenation. I like to observe shapes and forms created by Mother Nature. I either take pictures trying to convey and document the beauty of what I see, or I will use them as inspiration for my next painting. 

Other than photography, my other outlet to create is in acrylic, watercolor, and color pencil.

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